10 Ways to Promote Your Blog after You Hit Publish

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10 Ways to Promote Your Blog after You Hit Publish

Creating your blog content is only half the battle when it comes to getting traffic or gaining revenue from ads.  Once you hit publish, the next step begins, which is promoting your blog and driving traffic to your site.  Use the 10 tips below to help promote your blog.

Get Social

Make social media a part of your blog posting regiment.  After publishing a blog post, share it on Facebook with your friends, followers, and any Facebook Groups where the topic may have relevance.  Prepare an eye-catching shareable tweet with a link that takes them back to your blog.  Also be sure to add your blog link to your LinkedIn profile and make connections that would be a good fit with your area of expertise.

Email a Link in to Your Contacts

Ultimately the goal is to have a list of email subscribers to send weekly or monthly emails with links to relevant posts.  If you do not have a subscriber list established, or this is one of your first posts, try sharing the link in an email with others on your personal email list who might find the information interesting or useful.

Comment on Relevant Forums

Find forums related to your blog topic and interact with users in the comment section.  Make sure to have relevant or informational comments that will catch reader’s attention and include your website link in your signature.

Make a Pin

Open a Pinterest account and join any relevant groups that you may create posts about.  When you have created your post, pin the photo to one of the group boards with a link back to the original post.

Share Your Post on Reddit

Reddit is a content sharing site that breaks topics down by niche.  Sharing your post on Reddit will help you get in front of a large audience and is searching for targeted information.  Viewers will see a section of your post when they search and will be able to click on a link to take the reader directly to your site.


Create a campaign on StubleUpon.  StumbleUpon offers a paid discovery service that gets your blog post in front of a large number of targeted audience members.  You can target a specific audience by age, location, gender, device, and general interests.  Payment is done per visitor, so you will only pay for those who see your posts.

Share One of Your Post Photos on Instagram

Include eye-catching or enticing photos along with your blog posts and post them to Instagram with relevant links to your site.  Instagram is an easy way to get a lot of exposure through simple keyword searches.

Share with Other Bloggers

Send a link with your post to other bloggers who you may have developed relationships with or might be able to utilize your content with their own.  Ask them to post a link to your post in any relevant articles on their site and offer to do the same for them in exchange.

Submit Your Post to Content Communities

There are multiple sites that will allow you to post your blog to get it in front of their audience.  Some of these sites include Triberr, Blod Engage and TribePro.  These sites receive a lot of traffic so they are a great way to get in front of a large audience without any cost.

Google+ Communities

Google+ is another social networking site that offers communities where users can go who have a shared interest.  Sharing your post with a community that is interested your topic will not only make it more likely to be read but more likely to be shared as well.

Promoting your blog does not have to be difficult, just remember the more places your post is shared the more traffic your website will receive.  Try the tips above to increase traffic and get your blog in front of as many readers as possible.

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