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Laura Rike’s inspirational motivation and incredible work ethic represent the core value behind what Envizion is all about as a company. Her knack for taking limited information from clients and creating a comprehensive marketing vision makes Envizion the ultimate marketing solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When she is not revitalizing marketing campaigns for clients or working on the latest creative art project with her young son, Laura can be found nurturing her health-conscious tendencies tackling the latest Crossfit session.

How To Easily Create Graphics For Your Blog & Social Media Content

I found something that super awesome that I wanted to share with everybody because I know time is precious when your business owner  and creating multiple graphics like facebook is 500 by 500 or instagram 650 by 650 or pinterest you want  735 by 2000, things like that, it’s very difficult to take the time [...]

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How to Convert Pinterest Visitors to Subscribers

Social media is a key component driving traffic to your blog. Pinterest is especially popular today. With a user volume of more than 5 million, Pinterest visitors comprise a larger presence there than on YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn and Google Plus combined. Savvy users have harnessed the power of this traffic to funnel pinners to their [...]

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5 Visual Tools to ROCK Your Social Media Image Creation

Social media image creation is a difficult process, because it requires maximizing your online presence in a simple and effective manner. Visual content marketing of this type requires you to stand out from the audience of has-beens and wanna-bes to make people want to hire you. Here are five great ways that you can make [...]

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3 Ways to Outsource Work When You’re a Perfectionist

Nowadays, the need to outsource work is increasingly gaining popularity among businesses worldwide, and business owners are leveraging the global talent pool. As a business owner, you are no longer limited to working with people within your locality; you can seek to outsource work from a virtual assistance from all over the world, to help [...]

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