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3 Ways to Get More Shares From Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Most people underestimate the time it takes to put together social media marketing content. If it’s as simple as writing up something quickly then uploading it to a social media app from your smartphone, you’re doing something wrong and the lack of leads you’re getting from it likely reflect that. Social media marketing requires a [...]

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Mapping Out Your Social Networking Goals

When setting out to achieve anything as a marketer, it is always important to have some set some social networking goals. These will not only point you in the right direction but will also outline your trajectory allowing you to look at the small steps you need to take to get where you need to [...]

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Best Twitter Chats for Female Entrepreneurs

Networking in business moves fast these days, and nowhere is it faster and easier to get involved in than twitter. One of the best ways to reach out to and engage with new potential clients and partners is through participation in Twitter chats. Not only is twitter marketing a growing resource for advertising your business [...]

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4 Tips for a Killer Facebook Business Page

If you own or manage a business, you likely know that traditional marketing avenues are no longer the only way to reach your target audience. Social media is a low-cost, low-risk means of inbound marketing that can make considerable inroads with prospective customers. Follow these Facebook business page tips and you'll be well on your [...]

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