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Envizion Advertising Owner

Laura Rike

Owner of Envizion Advertising

Laura Rike’s inspirational motivation and incredible work ethic represent the core value behind what Envizion is all about as a company. With a Degree in Advertising Graphic Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology anchoring her creative vision, Laura also injects an infectious energy to keep business solutions inviting and interesting, while mirroring clients’ core values and missions. Her knack for taking limited information from clients and creating a comprehensive marketing vision makes Envizion the ultimate marketing solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When she is not revitalizing marketing campaigns for clients or working on the latest creative art project with her young son, Laura can be found nurturing her health-conscious tendencies tackling the latest Crossfit session.

About Envizion Advertising

At Envizion, we are dedicated to designing solutions for your business needs. We focus on helping your business grow by providing online marketing Minnesota services coupled with virtual assistance and design solutions, for an overwhelming workload. Our team is here to put our incredible work ethic to work for your business and we strive to develop strategic business solutions for your needs. We understand your need to deliver projects with excellence, but without high overhead costs and human resource management. With Envizion, you can grow your business faster knowing your project details are being handled by an entire team- for a fraction of the cost of an employee.


Based out of Minnesota, Envizion Advertising was founded by Laura Rike who offers creative design solutions to solve business problems. With over 9 years of experience, she created Envizion to partner with clients to develop exciting and flexible marketing collaterals that solve these issues. With degrees in Advertising Graphic Design & Online Marketing, Laura has always been cognizant of the importance of balancing client’s needs and vision with practical and cost-efficient solutions, all while mirroring the client’s core values and missions. Since beginning on her own, Laura has built a team with that same mission that you will find here at Envizion.

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