Hashtag Marketing Strategy For Your Business

//Hashtag Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Hashtag Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Hashtags, let alone a hashtag marketing strategy is a fairly new concept that actually get quite a lot of flak, especially from the non-twitter community. Ok, so new is a very relative term, but how many people actually understand how or why they work?

To put it simply, hashtags are a quick way to create a link. It’s not the same as copying and pasting a URL, but it can be just as useful!

When you copy and paste a URL link, you are giving somebody a direct pathway to a very specific place. Once that somebody has gone there, they can easily do an internet search for other websites, blogs, vlogs, and just about anything that is related to whatever you are looking for.

boost your posts and widen your audience using hashtags!

Hashtags make that process even easier! Anytime you see a hashtag, you can click on it and anything that people have posted with that hashtag will come up. So if you find something that peaks your interest, you can easily find other content that follows the same topic.

From a business stand point, this is excruciatingly critical! Different hashtags, and thus different topics, will be trending at any given point in time. For example, if it were Veterans Day, you can bet that a lot of people will be posting their thanks and tagging it with #VeteransDay. This puts their post into a database of Veterans Day related content so that many more people can see and appreciate what you are saying about those who have served.

Veterans Day is a very specific and time related event, so what if I you are selling beauty products day in and day out? How do you know what hashtags to use? Well, there are several methods that you can use to try and boost your posts!

hashtags are a quick way to create a link but how do you know which ones to use?

The obvious thing to do is to try and make whatever hashtags you want to use trend. This means using them consistently and getting as many other people to use them as well. Probably not the easiest task! Not to mention that in the process, you might inadvertently overload and annoy your audience.

Luckily, in this business, you don’t have to be a trendsetter to be successful (although we all know that you want to make sure to set yourself apart too)! There are many different websites out there that analyze the different hashtags currently being thrown around and then let you search through them to see which trending hashtags relate back to your specific needs. Watch my Periscope replay video to help with a few sites you can use to find top trending hashtags:

Although, you do have to use some discretion. Many of these websites are very specific as to which platform the hashtags are being pulled from. Some are exclusive to Twitter, and some are exclusive to Instagram. Others could be for Facebook, or Pinterest, and some will pull results from multiple platforms at once!

The bottom line is, while it might seem excessive to put five or ten or even more hashtags on a post, the more hashtags you have, and the better suited they are for you subject matter, the larger the audience — that actually cares about what you might be saying or selling — you are going to reach.



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