//How To Stay Motivated As A Solopreneur

How To Stay Motivated As A Solopreneur

No this is not just your typical “I am meal prepping photo”! I was beat today when I woke up. Call it pregnancy, or just plain being lazy. I did not have the motivation to work on my business today. Soooo instead of giving up on the day at 8 o’clock in the morning, I decided that I was going to find a project to work on well I listened to some of my favorite podcasts to force me to create some new goals for the rest of this month.

This is the product of what I came up with for my project. I decided that while I was going to cook 12 freezer meals that I would come up with three goals that would help me finish out the month strong with motivation to continually improve on my business.


How is it you refresh or take a break from your daily projects?

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Do you ever have those days where you just decide that you don’t want to get work done but you know you need to do something to keep busy?
Have you ever thought about having a “Training Day” to help get you back in the groove?

One of my goals that came to me today while listening to some great live streams and podcasts was to improve my customer service for my clients and course members. I wrote down three things I could improve upon or add so that I know without a doubt I am 1000000% always there when I am needed!

Even though I wasn’t sitting at my desk all day, I feel so accomplished and refreshed! Sometimes you need to take time to step back from the day to day and brainstorm new ideas, create new specific goals and just plain learn! We get so caught up in the now we forget all we can do if we take a “break” for a little bit!

How is it you refresh or take a break from your daily projects?

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