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Find Success In 30 Days Or Less With Your Social Media Marketing

Finding the right social media marketing strategies can be time consuming & stressful! Not to mention most of the information out there doesn’t ever fully explain it all for you. I wanted to make it easy for YOU and other small business owners and provide the tools and education you need to use social media [...]

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Best Twitter Chats for Female Entrepreneurs

Networking in business moves fast these days, and nowhere is it faster and easier to get involved in than twitter. One of the best ways to reach out to and engage with new potential clients and partners is through participation in Twitter chats. Not only is twitter marketing a growing resource for advertising your business [...]

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How to Build Relationships in Facebook Groups

Relationship building is the key to success in your business on social media.  The best place to start building relationships is in Facebook groups. Facebook groups have become one of the most suggested places for entrepreneurs to engage with potential clients, allies and business partners.  Since groups are usually dedicated to a specific subgroup or [...]

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Pinterest Promoted Pins Are Now Open To Everyone

The way Pinterest, the fastest growing user base in social media, works is users share pictures and videos by 'pinning' them onto their boards. Behind these visuals, there are products while the 'pinners' collect and re-post this images repeatedly.  Pinterest now has opened up promoted pins to everyone. Whether you are a blogger or a small business, [...]

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LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform

  Social Media marketing has brought in a revolutionary change to the way people delve into marketing. It has opened up a world of endless possibilities, extended reach and a far greater visibility than ever imagined or received before. A social media strategy is all about offering your audience what it needs, in a comprehensive, [...]

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Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

While everyone knows that finding the perfect long tail keyword is key to gaining a high search rank, not everyone who uses SEO strategies knows just how to accomplish this in the most effective way. While you can use services such as Google's Keyword Planner, or even just by searching Google itself, there are actually quite [...]

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How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business

Do you want to learn more about utilizing the leading social media outlet for marketing to advance your business?  Do you want to get pinners hooked so they'll visit your site?  Premier companies are already tapping into the benefits of Pinterest to expand their enterprises, with overwhelming success.  You can, too.  These strategies can help you whether you're [...]

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